A sunny day out with Bijouz for icecream

window shopping for bags, what do think about this green one?

I know it has been ages since i last posted anything on my blog and many of you have been kind and sweet enough to asked what was going on. Funny enough nothing much has really happened, I’m alive but have been pretty busy with school,change of Job and all that stuff. But since it’s sunshine and ice cream around I feel good to the go 😉

Here are a few hint of what I have being doing lately, and thanks to you all who have been so patient with me.


H&M for modern and clean



I know it’s way too early to talk about fall 2012, but I couldn’t just ignor this one. Here are some few of my favorite thing that are said to be coming up at H&M shop’s for fall 2012 .I think the cut and design is unique, and more of a tailor cut look which bring out the femininity in any woman. and above all is affordable.

What do you think?



spring color blast

Mango earring , H&M neon yellow top, Mango skirt,, LAMB Meridth Suede Heels.

My wish list for the spring.

Have a colorful day.

Pink panther like

clutch:Rebbecca Minkoff, Jeans:Ginatricot :two tone pumps and metallic jumper:Zara, gifted gold earring from Mum, wristwatch DKNY

The sun is back to her rightful place and time. This give me so much joy to know that spring is here with a warm hug.

what you’il find in my bathroom

Growing up with extended family members who comes in and out of our home has really given me something to think about over these years.

I remember one of my aunts( Sara), when ever she has being visiting or visited you always knew she was or has being there, for so long I knew my aunt she smells the same every day of her life. I guess she love that one special perfume so much that she couldn’t use anything else.

That’s why I like to alternate my smells by the day, it all depends on my mood or state of mind I’m  on that day.

Wishing you all a scentful weekend.

new in


I decided to give Zara online shopping a try and as you can see it came out pretty well, not only that it was fast , but the sizes came out as I wanted them.

I have being longing for a white blazer for a while now and when i saw this on on Zara online I was beyond happy.

So yeah, I also got myself a sequin beaded mini skirt,pleated asymmetric skirt, a metallic beige jumper, and a white summer lace dress.

So far so good I don’t have anything negative to say about the Zara online shopping.


New ring from the hubby (that’s my favorite)

shining star when it snows

dresses from Foreve21


fur balarina

lace  dress

Here are a few stuff I got myself lately, from Forever21 and Zara.

Just a day day ago it was all sunny and lovely weather, with the hope that the spring is just around the corner , only did I realise that I was reaching for the moon, cause the first thing I saw this money from the window was much more like Santa Claus decide to come back for Christmas 🙁

Is the winter ever coming to an end? grrrrrrrr

golden age

Vilkeviciute Greg for Vogue Spain March 2012. The golden and sophisticated touch put togher in this edition is so beyond captivating.

Image via Vogue Spain.

Hair talk

Having my hair curled up is something new for me, when I see other girls curl their hair I just wish I could do the same, but sadly the results are always a hot mess. , but recently I tried out the Jumbo ceramic curling iron and I’ve to say I’m impressed.

Not only that it’s super easy to use, but for some one like me who hasn’t gotten any clue from before on how to curl my hair its just amazing.

These are result of the Jumbo curling iron form earlier today, with no hold spray on my hair.

Jeffrey Campbell

When I first saw this beauty I knew for sure it was the one.
I’m  probably the last person on planet earth that doesn’t own a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, it’s not that i don’t like JC shoe’s ,but I just hadn’t found that special one, but when I first saw this beauty I knew for sure it was the one.
This Jeffrey Campbell Black/Nude Suede are a total knock out for me.
It’s the perfect heels that i have been craving for and I think it screams nothing but hotness.
Snow please melt away and let me party with my babies.