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Estee Lauder Idealist even skintone illuminator & Idealist dual action refinishing treatment

It’s fall now and what other better ways to combat the coming hash winter wind?

I’ve being using Estte Lauder for some months now and I have absolutely nothing negative to say about these products.

Two months ago I added these two babaies to my Estee Lauder collections and belive me my face feels more softer , clearer and moist than ever.

I love  Estee Lauder <3

Scent of a woman

Love. My favorite perfume at the moment is Body by Burberry.

Smelling good is one of those things I live for, and Body by Burberry totally bring out the best out of me, not only that it has a sensual scent to it , but its mild, sweet and chic.

Its the perfect scent of a woman.

so exotic

There are a lot of us that spend time and money at the spa, and that is very important for our well being and little indulgence .

But for those  who cant afford the luxurious spa treatment I would recommend you go for the new Mango gift set by Body shop.

I remenber the first time I came across this product was through my co-worker and she smelled so good that you could almost eat her up.  So far so good it’s being my after workout routine, and the exotic scent of mango tends to calm my tired muscel after a hard day at the gym.

Love it!


Finally it’s here!!! I have been searching every cosmetic shop here in Oslo in  for ts particular Urban Decay Naked palette forever but to no success, only last night on my way back from Italy did I stumble into it and I was super excited. The pallets come in 12 dimensional shades that are warm enough to wear both day and night. and it blends inn perfectly well. If you ask me I did say I’m in love with it.

As for the other products which are also my summer most have are

Makeup forever Hd foundation( love love love it )

Sephora base bronzing primer,

Sephora lip gloss in nectar shine

Sephora blush in raspberry sheen

Sephora bronzing powder.

If you are the type that doesn’t want to look too heavy or cakey with makeup you should definitely give these products a try and you will be hocked.

Cant leave without

If there is any thing I can’t leave the house having in my handbag, it will have to be my Lancome red lipstick in colour # 132. Believe it or not this lipstick is so moisturising that you don’t need any lip gloss on top of it, and it last all day long.

I happen to have pretty dry skin, Nuxe multi-usage dry oil helps me out a lot, all I do is mix it up with my daily skin lotion and I’m all set for the day with a moisturised skin. Secondly this oil can both be used on the skin and as well as on the hair.Its even the perfect ideal for a relaxing home massage. mmmm it smells like pure heaven.

April’s favourite

The quest for a perfect skin has being what I’ve being looking for as long as I can remenber. I tend to brake out alot , and I swear trying every thing out there, but to no success.

Only a couple of weeks ago did I started using Estee Lauder Soft Clean face wash, tone, and Hydrationist moisturiser cream, I notice how silky, flowless and even toned my skin has become, wouldn’t  go as far as saying I ‘ve the best skin rigth now, but its the best I’ve ever seen my skin. My face feels soft, clean and 8o% less brake out.

I also notice that the tone and soap doesn’t dry me out like the other brands that I’ve privously tried, and the good thing is that they all smell beautiful, and calming.

And as for the perfume Calvin klein Beauty, its just the perfect spring scent , fresh, sweet and mild. And the nail polish, I quess you already know that I’m so into pink nails rigth now 🙂

Found my holy grail and I’m so sticking to it.