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my colourful dream


winter has it’s ups and down, but what makes winter in Norway so tiresome is knowing the fact that most countries are having the benefit of the sun while we are still wrapped up with our ski outwear and warm cup of coffee to keep us warm, but while we wait for summer to come all I can do is dream about all the colourfu goodies that comes along it.

weekend things

I’il like to apologise to you all who have been a great follower of myrsella blog, and I’m sorry for been gone for so long due to so much things going on right now, but I promise to upload more often .

Anyway, it’s being ages since I last went on a night outing , and it wasn’t bad at all to get my lazy you know what out the door.

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.

merry christmas

Mery christmas from Emi and I to you <3

wish list


These are some of the stuff I wish could be hanging in my closeth right now, but  above all the Rebecca Minkoff leather handbag in Fuchia

is a most have.

a litlle girl’s projeckt

Little miss sun shine so insisted that she would be the one to decorate the Christmas tree this year and I honestly think she did a wonderful job.

Even though half of the tree was decorated with chocolate balls, Cinderella’s glass shoe and Rudolf I just don’t mind at all, after all the Christmas is mostly meant for the little ones.

Hope you all are in the high christmas spirit?

Michael Kors Fall 2011 show

It’s so good I can’t get enough of Michael Kors fall 2011-2012 fashion show

Do you feel the love?

food & laugther

Social eating is one of my favorite things to do, Its a time you get to know the people you work wit , friends and family . It’s one of those times we talk about all the crazy things that has being going on in our various lives and lauging to every single details. OMG!

Being happy and able to share a laughed with a good meal with a friend or family is as healthy as a walk in the park.

sundown with a scent

If there are two things in this life I really enjoy doing will have to be talking a walk with my family after a long day and watch the sun goes down.  I find taking a walk very relaxing and also as an excape from life and it’s hectics, and above all I love it even more when my family come alone with me.

My second pleasure will have to be a good scent. Smelling good is what every woman should be, sensual and smell pure graceful elegant.

Walking past Gimle perfumery was like walking past heaven. If you are a perfume and cosmetic junkie like me, then Gimle is a most visit, cause it’s a large and welcoming perfumery filled with the best in perfume and skin-care items. All employees are trained makeup artists who provide skilled applications and skin-care consultations.

Believe it, I stared through the window for while and I just felt good 🙂

Crazy right? I know.

getting really cold

Zara coat

Mac by Mac Jacobs hand bag

Nelly‘s booties

It was really shocking to feel how cold it has gotten over the days here in Oslo, and honestly I for one think it’s time to skip the coat for something even warmer, cos I did freeze my you know what out  today 🙂

all day in bed

Gifted nacklace from H&M

The past few weeks has being so stressful with too much things to do and too little time to relax, That’s why  though i needed to spend the entire day in bed with my books for my exam for tomorrow.

And it was worth it!

Anyway, I’m about to hit it up really hard at the gym for more brain bost and more energy 🙂

Keep moving people.