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Simple & Breezy

Zara skirt & top, Apair ballerina’s, H&M bag, armbands and necklace, RayBan’s sunglasses.

After several days of endless rain came an amazing weather with a kiss of sunshine today. Its one of those days that all you think of is nothing but ice cream by the sea side, and let the warm breeze sweep you off your feet. I’m having a great time right now , how about you?

Outfit of the day

Zara ball skirt, H&M tees, forever21 sandals, Prada toted bag, Necklace from last Spain trip.

It’s finally summer here in Oslo, and words can’t express how happy I’m for that. After been enshowered by the grey, dark and Mount’s of snow for so long you will be overwhelm when the sun comes, and it is finally here!

As bright as gold

H&M jumpers top, vera moda harrem pants, Michael kors bag, fris & co shoes

So happy i finally got through with my exam today, it’s been a long night of reading, not because I’ve been a good student but because i hadn’t gotten time to read earlier, bad student!

Anyways, I glad I’m done and off for work for the day,

wishing you all a wonderful month of June.

Raining Day

Old Cubus jacket and sunglasses, Zara distressed denim shorts & white tee , LV messenger bag, Jacobsen.Hornbæk rain boot in reptile model

It’s has been raining on and off today , and it just made everything happened so slowly.

Anyway its friday and I’m excited!

The Maxi Blue

Forever21 maxi dress & sandal’s, Bikbok jumper sweater & arm band, H&m necklace, Inwear belt, DKNY CERAMIC wrist watch , & Michael Kors toted bag.

The weather has been phony today, and I don’t want to take any chances freezing out with just this dress on , so i  paired it up with a sweater just in case there isn’t any promising sign of the bright sun I’m aiming for.

Have a lovely week end everybody!

Outfit of the day

H&m high waisted shorts, Bikbok open back top,  Friss & Co bag , Zara shoe and blazer

Linda and I was at Olivia at bogstadveien for lunch today, and it was so much fun, good food, lovely atmosphere and wine( after all its Friday )

Absolutely beautiful and delightful eating under the sun. mm mm I’m so grateful for the warmth in Oslo.


Old Stuff Made New

H&M blouse and satchel bag, Zara distressed short and belt,  Toms shoe and Cubus retro leopard sunglasses

Some times we girls tend to stress out when we haven’t gotten ourself some thing new in a while, oh yeah I’m one of those kind. Funy how we can turn that old and forgoten stuff into some thing new.

I was going through stuff when i found this old time, lilla lace blouse and leather satche. Glad i didn’t trashed them, cause they came out really handy today.



Make The Best Of It

When you think all about spring, the things that come to your mind are sunshine mixed with rain, perfect picnic days, trips back to the park, and of course the Easter Bunny. When thinking all about spring it is not hard to imagine butterflies and ladybugs, longer days and shorter nights, and the fact that school is almost out for the summer. Spring is my favourite season, you see how the mood of people change into a smiling faces after a long, dark, sad winter season.

We do have a lots of good times ahead of us this spring and I hope you all make the best out of it.

H&M flowery dress and satchel bag, Bjorn Borg shoes, Cubus sunglasses, Accessories chunky necklace, Bikbok golden leave necklace and In wear leather jacket

Yet Another Monday

Bikbok bagy pant & bodies, shoe’s and bag from  Fris &Co, Junky naclace from some store in Spain

It’s yet another dreadfull monday , but I have decided to make mine a wonderfull one.

I started my day with my regular work-out ,ran a mile, did  other cardio workout. Belive me it felt amazing! I also had a nice time with my family and now I’m off to work .

Hopefully to give an update  on how my monday went like, but til then remain bless yall!