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casual rock


my rainbow nail polished nails 🙂

Thank goodness it’s being snowing again and I feel so safe to wear normal winter shoes again, without the fear of  me falling on several occasion in a week. Anyways here is an outfit of the day with me about to dash out the door for work on busy Monday. But you know what? Monday means open doors and breakthrough for me.

Have a wonderful warm Monday <3

staying warm

I had being looking for the perfect warm scarf  all around town for the past couple of days and i didn’t find anything out of the ordinary.
And look at what I found last night while cleaning out my summer wardrobe for the winter. How happy and relive I was to find this, cause I had forgotten ever buying this Malene Birger fur scarf.

This baby is as warm as heaven.

Have a lovely week and stay warm.

on the go

Forever21 jumpers H&M chucker necklace, Zara leather pant, Briks bag, & Monki shoes

Saturday for me can be some time busy with all kind of stuff to be done with before the week, that’s why I decide to go very simple today.

Have a lovely weekend .

red light

Mango leather red pant, Zara tees, H&M bag, Ginatricot reptile cuff and friis & co pumps

Friday night in a red pant , what could possibly go wrong?

have a nice weekend folks!

monday with a smile

I call this high waisted jeans from Vera moda, The booty definer

We were at Vera moda trying out high waisted jeans and this one was a killer, we both got it. hehe

say cheese

we had our weekly cake treat, hmmmm yummy

At out favorite caffespot, Bocata

Let your monday be your ever shining light

Bikbok jumpers sweater, Zara skirt from last year, forever21 oxford shoes,Micheal Kors bag

When I hear people say they dread Monday, i just smile cos it’s one of my favorite day of the week. Monday means a new means of possibility and open doors for me.

I did spend my day with my good friend Crist, and believe me it was fun!

Roof Top

Dress & blazer Jacket from Zara last season, Micheal Kors pumps

It’s being quite chilling here in Oslo for the past four days, and some how I kinda get this creepy feeling about this dark, COOLD winter approaching very fast. But while the winter isn’t here yet  lets all remember to have fun!

Have a nice week!

simple outfit of the day

Zara blouse and pumps, Riccovero skinny jeans, DKNY wrist watch, Friss & co hand bag and Zara pear and chain belt used as necklace.

Going out for lunch with a friend and later go window shopping if time allows. Hope you all have a wonderful day

Outfit of the day

Gina Tricot Shorts, Mango jumpers, Friss& Co clutch, DKNY watch and  Gina Tricot Reptile cuff  as well.

Off to work for today and hope you all have a wonderful day.


Today mark’s another year for a special friend of mine, wishing her Happy birthday and many more lovely years to come.

Hugs to Vanessa

Wanna go fishing?

BikBok Fish-net top, Gina Tricot jeans, LV bag( Speedy) BikBok armband and street vendor blue ring

It’s finally summer here in Oslo, so why not embrace it?

Got this fish-net top a few weeks ago , but couldn’t make use of it because of the lousy weather here, but thank goodness it sunshine again.

Then comes the red

Bikbok denim sleeve top , Stradivarius white/red tees, Mango denim leather pant, DKNY wrist watch, Friss   bag

When you go out during the summer you tend to see on the ladies wearing some  sweet flora dress , shirt and Short’s.

Today isn’t the best summer here in Oslo you can say, it’s been raining cats and dogs, and what other better way to brigthen up the day other than a touch of RED?