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Nike with a benefit

If you like running like me , then a pair of good running shoes will get you there. mine are from Mizuno indoor & outdoors running shoes. love them!

This is how I reward myself after a hard day work out. Yogurt natural, strawberries,blueberries watermelon and a glass of water for energy lost = energy gain 🙂

Working out for me has always been my way to ease stress and tiredness, but for some people its just too stressful to deal with.

When I get tired I run to gain energy, when I’m sad I run to ease my pain and have a clearer though on how to handle things. And above all working out makes me feel and look good both in and out.

But I couldn’t have had a better workout routine if not for Nike sport wear, with Nike I feel I can touch the sky.

A friend of mine once said to me that she is so proud of older ladies who look good and tone at their age. and do you what I said? I said these good looking older ladies started taking care of their bodies from their youthful age. So get moving ladies and look FAB!

Kick Off

With Nike & Adidas you can fly

I have been living a wonderful unhealthy life this past week, it’s been ice cream , candy, chips, cake and all the junk food you can think of. Although I’ve been running out door this past few days as well , but being that the weather is not of it’s best today I will be doing my normal workout routine and running at my local gym Sats!

Get on you work-outfit and fly away!



Back On Track

I finally step up my game plan to head back to fitness life today after a big yumy brakefast. Although I wouln’t say I’ve been totally out of the game, but not being able to work out for the past two to three days is just so lame of me and it felt absolutely great to be back.

Hoping to give you all a update on my weekend, but til then ,

Stay fit people !