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During the past few weeks I have found myself visiting and shopping on a regular basis on H&M , and yeah I have to say I like some of  their clothing a lot . This skirt for example is a big catch for me, searching for a simple black but nice to the fit skirt has not been one of my most successful treasure hunt but yeah i got this one from H&H, funny as it may be its ridiculously cheap 😉

The singlet top is just an every day touch that you can either  dress up or dress down base on you mood and with the golden and black details nothing could go wrong. As for the wedges ,they are from Aldo.

Have a golden weekend



new in


I decided to give Zara online shopping a try and as you can see it came out pretty well, not only that it was fast , but the sizes came out as I wanted them.

I have being longing for a white blazer for a while now and when i saw this on on Zara online I was beyond happy.

So yeah, I also got myself a sequin beaded mini skirt,pleated asymmetric skirt, a metallic beige jumper, and a white summer lace dress.

So far so good I don’t have anything negative to say about the Zara online shopping.


New ring from the hubby (that’s my favorite)

shining star when it snows

dresses from Foreve21


fur balarina

lace  dress

Here are a few stuff I got myself lately, from Forever21 and Zara.

Just a day day ago it was all sunny and lovely weather, with the hope that the spring is just around the corner , only did I realise that I was reaching for the moon, cause the first thing I saw this money from the window was much more like Santa Claus decide to come back for Christmas 🙁

Is the winter ever coming to an end? grrrrrrrr

Hair talk

Having my hair curled up is something new for me, when I see other girls curl their hair I just wish I could do the same, but sadly the results are always a hot mess. , but recently I tried out the Jumbo ceramic curling iron and I’ve to say I’m impressed.

Not only that it’s super easy to use, but for some one like me who hasn’t gotten any clue from before on how to curl my hair its just amazing.

These are result of the Jumbo curling iron form earlier today, with no hold spray on my hair.

steve & roses

Coming home last night after work and receiving this lovely flower from the husband and my expected Victoree blush suede pumps by Steve Madden was absolutely the best!

Not only that the flower smell amazing , but he singly hand picked then from the florist. He sure know how to make me blush with a smile.

I’ve already though of what I’m going to paired these beautiful shoes with. I can’t wait to share it with you all.

Have a blissful day.


This was one of the many details on the sweter that made me fell for it.

sweater: Antartic by munk,Leather like jeans: Mango, Shoes: Forever21,denim shirt: H&M

I came across this sweater at the men department shop some days ago and fell totally for it. It’s so warm and perfect for the weather here in Norwagian .

Hope you all are keeping warm for the winter?.

getting really cold

Zara coat

Mac by Mac Jacobs hand bag

Nelly‘s booties

It was really shocking to feel how cold it has gotten over the days here in Oslo, and honestly I for one think it’s time to skip the coat for something even warmer, cos I did freeze my you know what out  today 🙂

he know how to make me smile

I’m very grateful for all the birthday wishes sent to me both from friends and familes, you all ROCK!

The celebration couldn’t have gotten any better after I recieved this Mac by Mac Jacobs from the husband <3

And belive me I had being drolling after this bag for a while now.

My baby sure know how to put a big smile on my face.

love you darling <3

Tiger in my bed

Micheal Kors leopard peep toes

Right now I’m kind of obsess with anything leopard print, and these particular pairs from Michael Kors are one of a kind to die for, they are super comfortable to walk with and so chic.

Have a lovely weekend dolls.

Nude & Lace

Steven Maddens nude pumps, Gina Tricot reptile cuf.

I know I haven’t been so active with blogging these past few days, and this is only so because I have been sick. But the good news is that since I got these Steven Maddens pumps, I feel whole again and yes I’m sooooo in love with these shoe. They are super comfortable and so chic.

And of course these reptile arm cuff are so beautiful, they seems to go with every outfit, be it dressy or casual, it’s just a cutting edge accessories that makes each outfit poops. .