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Spike é Flora




Some times the sun may not be as bright as we want it to be, but our moods is all that count to make a brighter day.
Have a flourish & bright day

simply blue

Today might not be one of those burning summer days, but it was warm enough for a cup of ice cream.

I had always had it in mind to wear this simple blue dress I got a while ago but the though of it being more of a party dress rather than can be used as a casual dress never crossed my mind, but here we are in the middle of nothing and just letting the warm summer  breeze play with it.

I had a wonderful day, and wish you all the same

Casual denim

Here is a post from after lectures today and I though why not give it a try, so yeah, this is my first time bogging with my phone and I hope you all like it.
Have a sunshine day.





H&M for modern and clean



I know it’s way too early to talk about fall 2012, but I couldn’t just ignor this one. Here are some few of my favorite thing that are said to be coming up at H&M shop’s for fall 2012 .I think the cut and design is unique, and more of a tailor cut look which bring out the femininity in any woman. and above all is affordable.

What do you think?



spring color blast

Mango earring , H&M neon yellow top, Mango skirt,, LAMB Meridth Suede Heels.

My wish list for the spring.

Have a colorful day.

Pink panther like

clutch:Rebbecca Minkoff, Jeans:Ginatricot :two tone pumps and metallic jumper:Zara, gifted gold earring from Mum, wristwatch DKNY

The sun is back to her rightful place and time. This give me so much joy to know that spring is here with a warm hug.

golden age

Vilkeviciute Greg for Vogue Spain March 2012. The golden and sophisticated touch put togher in this edition is so beyond captivating.

Image via Vogue Spain.

Jeffrey Campbell

When I first saw this beauty I knew for sure it was the one.
I’m  probably the last person on planet earth that doesn’t own a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, it’s not that i don’t like JC shoe’s ,but I just hadn’t found that special one, but when I first saw this beauty I knew for sure it was the one.
This Jeffrey Campbell Black/Nude Suede are a total knock out for me.
It’s the perfect heels that i have been craving for and I think it screams nothing but hotness.
Snow please melt away and let me party with my babies.

green the new black

H&M Pant and blause, Nelly shoes, Micheal Kors tote hand bag,

It’s finally winter holiday ,I don’t mind at all even though it’s just for a week cause this means a huge break from school and every other thing that has being taking away my social abilities.

Hope to post more often, but til then have a wonderful holday.

totally west

I was going through the Vogue France Febraury 2012 edition , when something strocked me! it wasn’t just the beauty of the amazing Daria Werbowy, but it was also the life and soul that was captured on each photo that made me come to think woow some thing is missing in my wardrobe , and those are cowboys boots!

Daria Werbowy rocked those cowboy boots like there were some 6 inch stiletto. I just can’t wait for the summer to hit Oslo so I can go totally west.

Have a wonderful weekend.