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My great Gatsby




Today marked it seven amazing whole years of being with my Great Gatsby“hubby”
He sure does know how to make me blush and still does.

Hope you all have a glittering weekend.

Spike é Flora




Some times the sun may not be as bright as we want it to be, but our moods is all that count to make a brighter day.
Have a flourish & bright day

food for the soul?


Has it ever hit us women that we tend to buy shoes when we are sad or happy? In regardless to how many pairs we may have laying under the bed or floating around somewhere in the basement, cause the closet has become too tight to accommodate anymore pairs.

There I was at Souls shoe shop drooling after shoes like Celine, Ginvenchy, Marc by Marc Jacobs e.t.c knowing that there where some pair I have laying some where at home that I have never used.

What is it really with we women and shoe’s? Or can it really be a food for our soul? And if so when do we know we have had enough?

simply blue

Today might not be one of those burning summer days, but it was warm enough for a cup of ice cream.

I had always had it in mind to wear this simple blue dress I got a while ago but the though of it being more of a party dress rather than can be used as a casual dress never crossed my mind, but here we are in the middle of nothing and just letting the warm summer  breeze play with it.

I had a wonderful day, and wish you all the same