Isn’t she the cutest dog ever?.

Some people say Sunday is meant to be indoors and do nothing, but my Sunday’s are usually when I want to do it all.
The Sunday began with jogging in the woods to having a cup of coffee at the nearby coffeeshop, and taking a walk in the amazing streets of Bygdøl Allé which by all means is my favorite place to be at on a quite Sunday afternoon, not only that there is always something captivating to see but the calmness of it on a Sunday is majestic.
Above is a picture of a bag I saw from Avantgarde boutique. The bag remind my of Mulberry hand bag but it’s just that it is huge, and I just feel like taking one of those long weekend trip with it. Funny as it may seem I don’t know what brand it is which I really care less about but what captured my attention was the size and the color. Some time it is true when the say the bigger the better and in this case I totally agree to that.

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