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late lunch



Have a lovely  blossom summer<3

Good thing some times about having lunch or dinner with friends and family is not that the fact that we are hungry or starving but of course we all need food:-) But the discussion and pleasure being around  close ones with accordance with good meal of course is also very special.

Although I found it very funny having two different lunch date on the same day with two amazing friends yesterday (Hellene & Helen) ,

Even though I came back home stuffed up my throat i still think it was great! thank you girls <3



Bright & Blue


I recently have been in a addiction for anything that’s blue, that’s why it didn’t surprise me to see that I bought two same blue shoes almost at the same time.
I got these pipe toes dress sandal two weeks ago from Stradivarius and the other sandal from Zara.
and I’m loving the brightness of it, but most importantly I like the way it feel on.

Casual denim

Here is a post from after lectures today and I though why not give it a try, so yeah, this is my first time bogging with my phone and I hope you all like it.
Have a sunshine day.





har det på badet

Emi favorite corner

Nothing could beat a stressful day than a good bath soak or a long refreshing shower. But some time we just need that extra sweetness and calming ingredient to make it all work. That’s why hadetpåbadet is one of my favorite place to shop for toiletries. Being that I have quite a sensitive skin I tend to avoid some certain kind of hash perfumed cosmetic, but in here they have some really nice stuff as well as some special bathroom design and loads of sensual scented stuff a lot of us will kill for.

And of course if you are looking for that special night with the special one hadetpåbadet is definitely the place to go, they have ALL kinds of scented candle and body treat you can think of. Yeah it’s this close to heaven.