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Kate moss for Mango

Be it rock, chick or simple,Kate Moss always makes it all come alive.


Here is a dress I recently tried out , and though I share it with you all.

First of all I’m so not a huge fan of strapless dress , but some how this flora print dress here did got my attention. It has a smooth silk like texture and a slit bow like opening at the back, I could see myself rocking it with some western boots  for the summer for a simple, fresh and breezy look.

What do you think about it?


my colourful dream


winter has it’s ups and down, but what makes winter in Norway so tiresome is knowing the fact that most countries are having the benefit of the sun while we are still wrapped up with our ski outwear and warm cup of coffee to keep us warm, but while we wait for summer to come all I can do is dream about all the colourfu goodies that comes along it.

casual rock


my rainbow nail polished nails 🙂

Thank goodness it’s being snowing again and I feel so safe to wear normal winter shoes again, without the fear of  me falling on several occasion in a week. Anyways here is an outfit of the day with me about to dash out the door for work on busy Monday. But you know what? Monday means open doors and breakthrough for me.

Have a wonderful warm Monday <3

weekend things

I’il like to apologise to you all who have been a great follower of myrsella blog, and I’m sorry for been gone for so long due to so much things going on right now, but I promise to upload more often .

Anyway, it’s being ages since I last went on a night outing , and it wasn’t bad at all to get my lazy you know what out the door.

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.