Archive | November 28, 2011

sundown with a scent

If there are two things in this life I really enjoy doing will have to be talking a walk with my family after a long day and watch the sun goes down.  I find taking a walk very relaxing and also as an excape from life and it’s hectics, and above all I love it even more when my family come alone with me.

My second pleasure will have to be a good scent. Smelling good is what every woman should be, sensual and smell pure graceful elegant.

Walking past Gimle perfumery was like walking past heaven. If you are a perfume and cosmetic junkie like me, then Gimle is a most visit, cause it’s a large and welcoming perfumery filled with the best in perfume and skin-care items. All employees are trained makeup artists who provide skilled applications and skin-care consultations.

Believe it, I stared through the window for while and I just felt good 🙂

Crazy right? I know.