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looking forward to spring 2012

It’s not even totally winter yet, but here I’m wishing for the stars. A peak into these H&M 2012 spring collection is just one of those many thing that will see me through the dark cold winter that awaits us here in Oslo.

Hope you Dolls like it as much as I do?

sundown with a scent

If there are two things in this life I really enjoy doing will have to be talking a walk with my family after a long day and watch the sun goes down.  I find taking a walk very relaxing and also as an excape from life and it’s hectics, and above all I love it even more when my family come alone with me.

My second pleasure will have to be a good scent. Smelling good is what every woman should be, sensual and smell pure graceful elegant.

Walking past Gimle perfumery was like walking past heaven. If you are a perfume and cosmetic junkie like me, then Gimle is a most visit, cause it’s a large and welcoming perfumery filled with the best in perfume and skin-care items. All employees are trained makeup artists who provide skilled applications and skin-care consultations.

Believe it, I stared through the window for while and I just felt good 🙂

Crazy right? I know.


Here are some styles from  fashion icon Rachel Bilson and of celebrated stylist Nicole Chavez, and the shoe-making expertise of the legendary Steve Madden.

I’m so loving these shoes right now, not only that I’m  a huge fan of Steven Madden shoe’s and Rachel Bilson styles,  but where else can one find such an amazing quality shoes for such an affordable prize?

Lindex opening party

Add glamour to your closet while you pay for less.

Kathrine Sørland was also one of the beautiful modell

Here are a few my favorite outfit from the fashion show

This is so me <3 I like this colorblocked purse a lot.

The pear chunky necklace from my previous post

Karoline & I

Nina & Karoline <3

Loving my new booties from Miister Andee boots from free people


Make sure you check out the new Lindex at Karl Johans street 16 for some trendy, and affordable fashion outfit, and as well as some sexy lingerie, cos when it comes to lingerie Lindex is the the number one.

buckle up

Shirt: Bikbok

River Island fur bag

Zara Jacket (old)

Jeans and jumper: Mango

chcunky Pearl Necklace: Lindex

Miista Andee boots

getting really cold

Zara coat

Mac by Mac Jacobs hand bag

Nelly‘s booties

It was really shocking to feel how cold it has gotten over the days here in Oslo, and honestly I for one think it’s time to skip the coat for something even warmer, cos I did freeze my you know what out  today 🙂


Celline 2011-2012 fall collection.

Giuseppe Zanatti 2011 campaign( Love these clorful shoes)

This is so me 🙂

If you are one among many others that think turtleneck is a bye gone story and undated, I would suggest you give it a re-think, cause turtleneck are making a chic return to the spotlight.

Turtleneck sweater and tops are all over the place , from Celine fashion run way to Giuseppe Zanotti fall campaign and to fashion icon like Alexa Chung.

So what you waiting for?

all day in bed

Gifted nacklace from H&M

The past few weeks has being so stressful with too much things to do and too little time to relax, That’s why  though i needed to spend the entire day in bed with my books for my exam for tomorrow.

And it was worth it!

Anyway, I’m about to hit it up really hard at the gym for more brain bost and more energy 🙂

Keep moving people.

Balmain fall winter 2011-2012

Do you remember those days where fashion from the run way were so unwearable? Yeah I do!

Balmain fall winter 2011-2012 fashion show completely beat that odds away. Here you could see his desire to make every modern woman classy, sophisticated yet glitterati with style even when it’s cold and dark.

So to all my lovely ladies out there, don’t be afraid to step up your winter game plans with some glitter,tweed jacket, fur, and some bold colour.

Why let winter so dark when you can brighten it?

birthday outfit

Bag by Mac by Mac Jacobs

Dress by Malena Birger

Zara pumps & Coat

At my favorite asain resturant Dinner, I made a wish just like i was 5 years old kid 🙂