If you like running like me , then a pair of good running shoes will get you there. mine are from Mizuno indoor & outdoors running shoes. love them!

This is how I reward myself after a hard day work out. Yogurt natural, strawberries,blueberries watermelon and a glass of water for energy lost = energy gain 🙂

Working out for me has always been my way to ease stress and tiredness, but for some people its just too stressful to deal with.

When I get tired I run to gain energy, when I’m sad I run to ease my pain and have a clearer though on how to handle things. And above all working out makes me feel and look good both in and out.

But I couldn’t have had a better workout routine if not for Nike sport wear, with Nike I feel I can touch the sky.

A friend of mine once said to me that she is so proud of older ladies who look good and tone at their age. and do you what I said? I said these good looking older ladies started taking care of their bodies from their youthful age. So get moving ladies and look FAB!

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