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red light

Mango leather red pant, Zara tees, H&M bag, Ginatricot reptile cuff and friis & co pumps

Friday night in a red pant , what could possibly go wrong?

have a nice weekend folks!

monday with a smile

I call this high waisted jeans from Vera moda, The booty definer

We were at Vera moda trying out high waisted jeans and this one was a killer, we both got it. hehe

say cheese

we had our weekly cake treat, hmmmm yummy

At out favorite caffespot, Bocata

Let your monday be your ever shining light

Bikbok jumpers sweater, Zara skirt from last year, forever21 oxford shoes,Micheal Kors bag

When I hear people say they dread Monday, i just smile cos it’s one of my favorite day of the week. Monday means a new means of possibility and open doors for me.

I did spend my day with my good friend Crist, and believe me it was fun!

Scent of a woman

Love. My favorite perfume at the moment is Body by Burberry.

Smelling good is one of those things I live for, and Body by Burberry totally bring out the best out of me, not only that it has a sensual scent to it , but its mild, sweet and chic.

Its the perfect scent of a woman.

Outfit of the day

Nike with a benefit

If you like running like me , then a pair of good running shoes will get you there. mine are from Mizuno indoor & outdoors running shoes. love them!

This is how I reward myself after a hard day work out. Yogurt natural, strawberries,blueberries watermelon and a glass of water for energy lost = energy gain 🙂

Working out for me has always been my way to ease stress and tiredness, but for some people its just too stressful to deal with.

When I get tired I run to gain energy, when I’m sad I run to ease my pain and have a clearer though on how to handle things. And above all working out makes me feel and look good both in and out.

But I couldn’t have had a better workout routine if not for Nike sport wear, with Nike I feel I can touch the sky.

A friend of mine once said to me that she is so proud of older ladies who look good and tone at their age. and do you what I said? I said these good looking older ladies started taking care of their bodies from their youthful age. So get moving ladies and look FAB!

My weekend

Little miss Sunshine and I at Massimo Dutti

She is always shy to take a picture

Its funny how time does flies , it was a year ago since it was the Majorstuen market day, and now here it was again.

The street of Majorstue was fully crowed with poeple today, there were so many things to see and so many things to buy.

The sales range from fresh fruits, clothing, shoes, bags , art work ……etc.

There was somtething I found very fascinating about today, and that was it was my first time visiting Massimo Dutti, can you believe that?

I have been passing by the shop, but have never had time to drop by and I’m glad I did today, cause I really likt what I saw in there.

Have a nice weekend Doll.


on impulse

It’s end of summer and here come the Autumn , with a chills and wind, but who says we can’t play with flowers and color?

Anyways I’m off with a friend of mine for some window shopping or if possible shop for something and later bit my lips out of shopping on impulse, he he :-).

This is my plan for the day,What you doing Dolls

last night

Bianca on Dinn wedding dress

Biannca Bes was looking more like a godess

Beautiful Bianca Bes

It was a atmosphere full of love and excitement from the eyes of the women around the wedding exhibition at Grand Hotel last night . Each exhibition was phenomena, from the runway to the table wear, and Jewries, and desert. I’m sure the single women that were there crab a handfull of tip towards a perfect wedding celebration.

I know you may be wondering what was it I was there for since I was already married, yeah I was there to watch my friend Bianca as a modell for one of the designer, and she was amazing.

in the changing room

leather skirt and jacket from here

Finally!!! I was beyond happy when I saw this jacket at Mango , it’s the IT jacket for the fall  , made out of 100% leather with golden hard wear details with a flap collar. This jacket totally gives a more edgy touch of real classic modern rock chic .

I’m totally in love with this jacket.

Roof Top

Dress & blazer Jacket from Zara last season, Micheal Kors pumps

It’s being quite chilling here in Oslo for the past four days, and some how I kinda get this creepy feeling about this dark, COOLD winter approaching very fast. But while the winter isn’t here yet  lets all remember to have fun!

Have a nice week!