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Came across these pictures of OlivPalerema, and I remembered that same girl from the series ” TheCity “.

She is a living prove that dreams do come true only if we pursue it .

so exotic

There are a lot of us that spend time and money at the spa, and that is very important for our well being and little indulgence .

But for those  who cant afford the luxurious spa treatment I would recommend you go for the new Mango gift set by Body shop.

I remenber the first time I came across this product was through my co-worker and she smelled so good that you could almost eat her up.  So far so good it’s being my after workout routine, and the exotic scent of mango tends to calm my tired muscel after a hard day at the gym.

Love it!

Breezy Sunday

Borrowed jumpers from the husband ( Zara) Mango skinny jeans, Monki ankles boots and H&M satchel.

Have you ever had that mean blue days where nothing in the wardrobe seems to fit irregardless of how much you have going on? Yeah I was in that phrase today, but funny enough the husband shirt came out very Handy.

Today’s outfit was more of a boyish look with a dap of femininity in it with my new big bouncy curls I just did today.

It’s Monday tomorrow and I wish you all a nice week.

Tiger in my bed

Micheal Kors leopard peep toes

Right now I’m kind of obsess with anything leopard print, and these particular pairs from Michael Kors are one of a kind to die for, they are super comfortable to walk with and so chic.

Have a lovely weekend dolls.


Bianca & I

Met my all time favourite blogger Silje. She is more than down to earth person who ‘s full of life, and her sense of fashion has no limit!

Be sure to check out her blog here
if only we could look more around us we’ll be sure to find art every where. Love these tattoo.

CEO of shoe louge Sissel Lie and Christian Ringnes financier.

It was truly a full house of celebrities at the shoelouge opening ceremony, Ørnulf Høyer was there as well with his ever happy smiling face. You bet you’ll never see him dull faced.

And the amazing girls

Some one once said that diamonds are girls best friend, but today high culture shoes and bag has seem to taken over. Shoe louge is more of a shoe heaven fully packed with loads of designers shoes and other accessories to meet modern day girl fashion demand.

Visit shoelouge at Skjøylyst and be merry!

Let the Tiger in you out

Animal print like snake, leopard has been very popular way back than we could imagine , but this fall it seem have taken a whole different dimension.

Leopard print is one of the most stand out trend out there today, that makes every single outfit poop with an attitude. If you are the type that likes to be a stand out in the crowd with a statement, then go crab your leopard or snake pattern dress, pants short ,belt or shoes or you name it . Just remember to let the animal in you out.

Image source from streetfsn

simple outfit of the day

Zara blouse and pumps, Riccovero skinny jeans, DKNY wrist watch, Friss & co hand bag and Zara pear and chain belt used as necklace.

Going out for lunch with a friend and later go window shopping if time allows. Hope you all have a wonderful day


Finally it’s here!!! I have been searching every cosmetic shop here in Oslo in  for ts particular Urban Decay Naked palette forever but to no success, only last night on my way back from Italy did I stumble into it and I was super excited. The pallets come in 12 dimensional shades that are warm enough to wear both day and night. and it blends inn perfectly well. If you ask me I did say I’m in love with it.

As for the other products which are also my summer most have are

Makeup forever Hd foundation( love love love it )

Sephora base bronzing primer,

Sephora lip gloss in nectar shine

Sephora blush in raspberry sheen

Sephora bronzing powder.

If you are the type that doesn’t want to look too heavy or cakey with makeup you should definitely give these products a try and you will be hocked.


Ginatricot Short’s, Bikbok blue shirt, Inwear leather jacket, Accessorize necklace, Forever21 booties,  Vila earring and Gil Holster‘s gifted bag from mother in-law

It’s Oslo Fashion Week, and I can’t be wait to see what the designers came up with this year. Any way I’m off to work for the day, and hope you all have a wonderful week.

Gone too long

I know I have been gone from blogging for quite some time now, and this is due to some personal issue. I happened to lost some one very dear to me, and I’m still in a process right now. These pictures were taken some time early last month before the incident and I hadn’t had time to blog about any thing.

Anyways hope you all are OK?


If there is something we most do every day as human, we should always tell the ones we love how much we love them and how much they mean to us, because you just never know when it might be the last time you ever see them again. Only if you do.