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Fashion , trend and acceptance you name it’s all a different thing completely.There is this one thing bordering the life out of me lately that I just though I needed to speak out.


A lot of us has heard this , know what it means, even practise it. But for those of you who still doesn’t know it, here it come. Vegetarianism is a person that doesn’t support the killing of animal of what so kind , and the abuse of animal, In most cases they do not use creams or perfume tasted on animal’s.

All these are so because they strongly believe that animals have souls and feelings just like we human, and that animals should be treated just the way we humans are been treated.

I truly admire the extreme vegetarian and wish I could join them , but unfortunately I like meat consumption.

But here come the part that I really don’t seem to get, that a person who claims to be a vegetarian wearing fur coats , leather bags and shoes made of 100 % of animal skin, eat birds¬† and sea food. I’m not buying it!

Is it that been a vegetarian is becoming more of a trend than that of the support of animal’s right or it’s just another short cut to acceptance in some of our society today. My advice is if you are are meat eater stick to it and let the animal lovers do their thing.

This is my point of view and nothing personal, I just think when you say you are a vegetarian or want to become a vegetarian , you should do a deep resource about it before jumping into it. because honestly speaking I’m not buying it when you say you are vegetarian and still carry a pure leather bag, and shoe, and eat seafood and use cream or perfume tasted on animal.

Don’t go tripping on me , this is just my point of view, what’s yours.