Archive | July 3, 2011

At the park

Gwen, Emi & I

After several hours invested in cleaning and washing our apartment Gwen called to say we most head to the park, because according to her there was the America’s 4th of July celebration, but only for us to get there the so called celebration was done with . Nice one Gwen.

But we did had a great time out at the park.

Emi had a great time at the children playing ground, and after that ant Gwen spoiled her with some sugary stuff.

Wish you all  a flawless week.

Clutch it

The size doesn’t really matter , but the edginess it give to the entire outfit is what counts, Clutch purses has been since the early seventies and it’s still going places.

The colourful it is, the magnifique it become!

Source: Streetfsn