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Beach Life

The water felt quite freezing at first , but once you get inn, there wasn’t any going back, and besides Emi loved it

Love this picture, maybe it has to do with the lips on Helen’s top.

Spending time with friends and family at the beach on a warm Sunday afternoon it’s the absolutely the best.

A little something

I had a wonderful time at Santino’s Italian Restaurant today. Hope you all are enjoying your summer still while you can?



Zara top,Vila polka dots shorts, Mango belt, Friss & Co Bag, Zara sandals

Off to work for the day , hope you all are having an amazing summer?

Let me know what you think about today’s outfit.


Appel de lingerie

Women should be nothing less than sophisticated and sexy. Victoria Secret sure know how to make every woman feel and look beyond their best.

Adriana Lima did nailed these lingerie.

Midnight sun

I feel so calm with the midnight sun. It was like 21:30 at night when this picture was taken and you could see how bright the sun stands still  awaiting for me .

Can’t get enough

I had been to this sea side restaurant over and over again and I just cant get enough. If you had been to  Lekter’n restaurant at Aker Brygge here in Oslo, then  you do know what I’m talking about.

The foods served at Lekter’n is absolutely mouth watering, and what else could be more delightful than eating by the sea side , and hearing the waves hits the shore ,while the warm summer breeze dazzle you away into a relax atmosphere? I can only describe Lekter’n as nothing, but sheer pleasure of relaxation with good food & wine.

Outfit of the day

Gina Tricot Shorts, Mango jumpers, Friss& Co clutch, DKNY watch and  Gina Tricot Reptile cuff  as well.

Off to work for today and hope you all have a wonderful day.


Today mark’s another year for a special friend of mine, wishing her Happy birthday and many more lovely years to come.

Hugs to Vanessa

Nude & Lace

Steven Maddens nude pumps, Gina Tricot reptile cuf.

I know I haven’t been so active with blogging these past few days, and this is only so because I have been sick. But the good news is that since I got these Steven Maddens pumps, I feel whole again and yes I’m sooooo in love with these shoe. They are super comfortable and so chic.

And of course these reptile arm cuff are so beautiful, they seems to go with every outfit, be it dressy or casual, it’s just a cutting edge accessories that makes each outfit poops. .

At the park

Gwen, Emi & I

After several hours invested in cleaning and washing our apartment Gwen called to say we most head to the park, because according to her there was the America’s 4th of July celebration, but only for us to get there the so called celebration was done with . Nice one Gwen.

But we did had a great time out at the park.

Emi had a great time at the children playing ground, and after that ant Gwen spoiled her with some sugary stuff.

Wish you all  a flawless week.

Clutch it

The size doesn’t really matter , but the edginess it give to the entire outfit is what counts, Clutch purses has been since the early seventies and it’s still going places.

The colourful it is, the magnifique it become!

Source: Streetfsn