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Kinda Girlish

Zara top, Mango plaited skirt, Fornarina pumps, Fris & Co sun glasses and the famous Michael Kors bag

My day has been a whole handful, and I just learn some very thing vita for me.

I usually do my every day or almost every day routine by running a mile or two very early in the morning, but today I took the opportunity to sleep till 10 :am which I find very relaxing and pleasurable been that I’m not used to sleeping that late.

Anyways , I tried working out as late as 11:am and believe me it was the WORSTE work out of all time.The heat alone almost got me fainted, and it seem like running a mile was taking forever. I did learn my lesson , never a late work out for me again!

Since I didn’t past out at the gym, is time to catch up with the girls in the city, looking all girlish and pretend as if nothing ever happened.  🙂

Have a nice day folks.

Wanna go fishing?

BikBok Fish-net top, Gina Tricot jeans, LV bag( Speedy) BikBok armband and street vendor blue ring

It’s finally summer here in Oslo, so why not embrace it?

Got this fish-net top a few weeks ago , but couldn’t make use of it because of the lousy weather here, but thank goodness it sunshine again.

Girls night out

Saturday night was all fun, hanging out with the girls after such a long time was worth every time of it. We started the night out at Emilia Samuel and later headed to Stratos where we met Ludacris & Chamillionaire. It was fun blazing with good music and good people.

Hope you had a fun filled Saturday?

Life can be simpel

Zara dress, Micheal Kors bag ,Fornarina shoes & DKNY watch.

Spending the day with my family is absolutely the best, have a great weekend people.

To the movies


Candies in the house

she looks kind cool in those 3D shade’s


It’s the summer holiday and what other better way to spend a good Thursday afternoon with your bff?

We were at Saga cinema down town where we saw a cartoon movie called RIO, Omg, the movie was so hilarious that we both laugh our ribs out. Technically not! Lol

I, m glad it’s Thursday today, cos it’s the beginning of a new freaking weekend. yeaaaaaah!!!!!

Hello there

All  H&M

I took the opportunity to go window shopping today at H&M ,only for me to end up with these ! Lol

Anyways, I ‘m madly in love with my new green shoes,  it does surprised me that H&M could come up with some thing this flawless and ridiculously beautiful, been the fact that it’s a shop on a budget,

Not only am I pleased with the shoes but also with my new beach transparent jumpsuit and reptile mini dress. If you know me , you did know that I’m terrified of snake or any other reptile at that, but since I can’t hold em , I can as well wear them.

A cup of coffee please

The sales season has began, and the town is going nuts over it( me too 🙂 ),But since I was done with my exams for the this semester I have been making use of good sleep routine after my early morning jogging, and it’s absolutely relaxing. So, today I went out for a cup of coffee to enjoy the little brim of sun Oslo weather has to offer.

How has your day been today, ?

Then comes the red

Bikbok denim sleeve top , Stradivarius white/red tees, Mango denim leather pant, DKNY wrist watch, Friss   bag

When you go out during the summer you tend to see on the ladies wearing some  sweet flora dress , shirt and Short’s.

Today isn’t the best summer here in Oslo you can say, it’s been raining cats and dogs, and what other better way to brigthen up the day other than a touch of RED?

Lea T

The glamorous, sensual Lea T appears on the cover of LURVE in a series of images shot by Carlotta Manaigo. Wearing Givenchy (of course) Lea T is every bit the Greek goddess — perhaps Athena more so than Aphrodite — in this boundary-breaking first editorial entitled ‘Coragem’. Styled by Maher Jridi.

Source: LURVE magazine

Girls Girls Girls

Me and my BFF for life

Today marks another year for the celebration of Pentecost for all Christians all over the world. But main while since we girls were all work free today, we decide to hang out at our favourite spot at  Aker brygge in Oslo.

Even though healthy eating was put aside , it was worth the fun.