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Emilio Pucci 2011 spring summer

Tell me what you think about this crochet swimsuite

Can you see this?

I’m super overwhelm with each cut, each detail and colour. That this is of a human creation is absolutely fascinating. Emilio Pucci totally unleashed the perfection of is ability in his spring 2011 summer collection.

Every details about his work and design has always been and will forever remains amaster pierce.

Hi Michael Kors

Never had I owned a Michael Kors bag before, although I have been oportuned to owned a MK pair of shoes which I love. Just yesterday out shopping at Høyer did I find this cutie right here, I am so madly in love with this bag right now.

The colour is so flawless, and size wise is just what I need right now for my oversize books for school, and a I-pad( wink) . You will be seeing me carrying this baby allot, so don’t get any surprise Dolls. MICHAEL KORS TOTED


H&M Jumpsuit,a Zara pointed pumps, Fris & Co leopard clutch, DKNY ceramic wrist watch

Some times less is more , I just wanted to feel very free today with less clothing, and this jumpsuit is just the perfect ideal for that less in mind.

Friday Nite

Some one was so hungry that all he needed was the wifely special home made lasagna.

Emilia loves lasagna, and so do I.

Friday mark’s the beginning of the weekend. For a lot of people it’s the day to party , go to the movies, meet-up with friends and so on. My Fridays are usually eat, eat eat and have a good quality time with my family, and of cause good movie at the end of the day.

Wish you all a pleasant weekend.

Cant leave without

If there is any thing I can’t leave the house having in my handbag, it will have to be my Lancome red lipstick in colour # 132. Believe it or not this lipstick is so moisturising that you don’t need any lip gloss on top of it, and it last all day long.

I happen to have pretty dry skin, Nuxe multi-usage dry oil helps me out a lot, all I do is mix it up with my daily skin lotion and I’m all set for the day with a moisturised skin. Secondly this oil can both be used on the skin and as well as on the hair.Its even the perfect ideal for a relaxing home massage. mmmm it smells like pure heaven.

Outfit Of The Day

H&M blouse ,belt and crochet shorts, Accessories chunky necklace, Zara sandals, vintage bag and BikBok sun glasses

Off for the day to Cristiane for a late lunch. Its such a beautiful sunny weather out there, and I intend to make very good use of it. have fun people.

Crist and I went to Bocata for our favourite lam work , it was so good I bet you can tell from the plate. Afterwards to Fridays for desert. Its was so much catching up to do , that at one point I wanted to skip work , but didn’t. wink!

Peach & White

Monki silk top, Riccovero jeans, H&M belt,Friss &Co leopard clutch, Bikbok leopard sunglasses, Toms sneakers

Today is one of those days I just find myself craving for something sweet and bright that represented spring  , what other colour can one think other than peach? I also decided to give it a littel touch of animal.

Some times we may look sweet, but there is always a animal inside of us.

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday?

Mischa Barton

She has the girl next door look, but she comes with a twist. She can be so girlishly sweet, rocky, simple or classy, but she always comes out looking trendy.

So love the way she rocks her Short’s each time

Playing with colour’s

Mango pant and clutch, Gina Tricot big pocket sweater, Zara pointed ballerina and DKNY wrist watch.

Got this pant two days ago, and totally love it, its so summer striking, and the colour sooths both day and night. Its one of those chic pant you can skip your little cocktail dress for and yet looking fab.

hopefully I will be to doing a night outfit with it soon.


I can’t seem to get over the Hermes spring summer 2011 collection’s. each piece has it’s unique touche with a sense of earthly beautiful colour .Jean Paul Gaultier working with Hermes is like a perfect champagne to a french strawberry, absolutely magnificent! Each piece comes with unique design, detail and above all it’s wearable.

I could see myself  rocking red blazer ,orange dress and strip long skirt with a shirt , totally smashing!