Archive | May 25, 2011

To Sara

Working out is like the best thing we can do our mind, soul and body. I feel absolutely relax after working out.

I had a pretty less stressful day today though. It was mainly school , went interior shopping with the husband and working out before dinner. Did  put Emi to bed, and now that it’s totally quite I’m going to read myself an interesting bed time story. The book is  titled “To Sara” in Norwegian and it’s based on a Sami girl way back in the 1700. It’s actually teen’s novel, but who care? I don’t juge a book by it’s cover

Good night & sweet dreams.

Kick Off

With Nike & Adidas you can fly

I have been living a wonderful unhealthy life this past week, it’s been ice cream , candy, chips, cake and all the junk food you can think of. Although I’ve been running out door this past few days as well , but being that the weather is not of it’s best today I will be doing my normal workout routine and running at my local gym Sats!

Get on you work-outfit and fly away!