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A day in the woods

I got some sunflowers from Emi which I stocked in my hair. <3

This was the part I love the most, it was an amazing view.

By the sea side (In the woods)

We did stop by for waffle, and Emi loved it!

My family and I spent the the Sunday afternoon in the woods and sitting by the sea side , it’s been one whole package of nature  at it’s best for us .It’s been a lot of fun weekend for me . How about you? Tell me what your weekend has been like.

Raining Day

Old Cubus jacket and sunglasses, Zara distressed denim shorts & white tee , LV messenger bag, Jacobsen.Hornbæk rain boot in reptile model

It’s has been raining on and off today , and it just made everything happened so slowly.

Anyway its friday and I’m excited!

Camilia Skovgaard

Camila Skovgaard

I totally love these Camila Skovgaard shoes right here, They are just that one of a kind accessories that make a simple outfit pup and scream out aloud.

I would love to own this babies some day!

To Sara

Working out is like the best thing we can do our mind, soul and body. I feel absolutely relax after working out.

I had a pretty less stressful day today though. It was mainly school , went interior shopping with the husband and working out before dinner. Did  put Emi to bed, and now that it’s totally quite I’m going to read myself an interesting bed time story. The book is  titled “To Sara” in Norwegian and it’s based on a Sami girl way back in the 1700. It’s actually teen’s novel, but who care? I don’t juge a book by it’s cover

Good night & sweet dreams.

Kick Off

With Nike & Adidas you can fly

I have been living a wonderful unhealthy life this past week, it’s been ice cream , candy, chips, cake and all the junk food you can think of. Although I’ve been running out door this past few days as well , but being that the weather is not of it’s best today I will be doing my normal workout routine and running at my local gym Sats!

Get on you work-outfit and fly away!

The Maxi Blue

Forever21 maxi dress & sandal’s, Bikbok jumper sweater & arm band, H&m necklace, Inwear belt, DKNY CERAMIC wrist watch , & Michael Kors toted bag.

The weather has been phony today, and I don’t want to take any chances freezing out with just this dress on , so i  paired it up with a sweater just in case there isn’t any promising sign of the bright sun I’m aiming for.

Have a lovely week end everybody!

Movie Night

It’s yet another friday nigth , and that means a lot of food for me, and late night movie with the husband.

Summer sunny meal for dinner, not bad at all.

If there is anything I like about sea food, it’s the fact that I can finger-eat. Been able to eat with my fingers helps me enjoy the food even better . Blame it on my Africa trait

Movie’s for tonight

The husband doesn’t really like seeing Breakfast At Tiffany’s ,but I made him to.

Wall Street & Breakfast at Tiffany’s

It’s become almost a tradition for me to see one of Audrey Hepburn’s movies once every weekend, and I’m sure never getting bored of it.

Fairy Tale

Which of them do you like, black long or cream short?

It’s every girls dream to experience that fairy tale romance, prince charming in the riding horse and a pair of missing shoe, but sorry I have had my share of that fairy tale , and now its all about the Malene Birger fairy tale.

Fell a thousand times in love over and over again for these two beautiful master pierce of Malene Birger, When I had them one it was like I was floating away, and nothing maters at that point of time. but then I took them off  :−(

It will be a dream come true some day I hope, and then I will float way.


I had my fair share of tease from my friend Cristiane today. We did started the day out by doing some window shopping, and later on to lunch, yeah burger lunch!

Cristiane is like the most funny person I know, and each time we are hanging out I just cant seem to stop laughing. If she were to be a stand up comedian she make a lot of bucks £.


Sausage for the day

Children parade from the castle

Hurra hurra

Emilia & I

Loyal patriot

The special one’s in my life <3

Sorry can’t talk, I’m in heaven

Crispy duck with Chinese pancake serve with veggie & duck source, hmmm , just melted in my mouth.

Today 17.Mail, marks the day Norway gain her independence from the Danish , The day begins with champagne and strawberry to breakfast, and later on every loyal citizen parade to the king castle where The King and his family salutes to the enormous crowd.

Ice cream’s and hot dog’s are the main snacks of the day, both kids and adult just can’t seem to get enough of it on this day 17.Mail.

My family and I had a wonderful time celebrating this day, we had dinner at our all time family favourite restaurant Dinner bar & Restaurant Oslo. Totally amazing and I would recommend you there, because the food at Dinner restaurant is mind blowing, and you just can’t get enough of it. If there is one place you want to sweep that special someone in your life off their feet, take them to Dinner and I bet you, they will never walk again.

Hope you all had wonderful 17.Mail? cause I did!