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Fitting Room

I stoped over at Bikbok on my way to work today, and her  are what i found.

I’m still not so sure of which one to get, so what do you people think, the orange colour romper or the sea green romper?

Yet Another Monday

Bikbok bagy pant & bodies, shoe’s and bag from  Fris &Co, Junky naclace from some store in Spain

It’s yet another dreadfull monday , but I have decided to make mine a wonderfull one.

I started my day with my regular work-out ,ran a mile, did  other cardio workout. Belive me it felt amazing! I also had a nice time with my family and now I’m off to work .

Hopefully to give an update  on how my monday went like, but til then remain bless yall!


Was out yesterday with the girls and we had a great time. First thing we did was grab a bite at Fridays resturant and after that came shopping.

A big thanks to Critiane, Florens, Fenando and Gwen. you girls are the best!

Crist and I cracking Florence up

And our lovelly Fernando

Victoria Beckham

It must be so exhausting to appear perfekt at all times. Somehow this woman pulls it off.  Mother, Wife , model, singer, Philanthropist, I could go on and on. She is beautiful and has a timeless, classic style. I don’t believe that anyone really is perfekt but I do believe if anyone has nailed the appearance of being so, Victoria Beckham is.

Victoria Beckham always look amazing , sophisticated, stylish and divalicious, even when she is  pregnant or not . Be it  dressing down or dressing up, she is always classy and stylish in every way. She is said to be the most photographed celebrity and a fashion icon . I really see why it’s so, becouse she  remains classy and elegant even when she isn’t tryingh to be.

What do you all think about her?

New Inn

I’ve gotten my eyes on this Malene Birger dress for quite a while now, and due to the prize I’ve been a little layed back ,but today I just went out of my will not caring how much it cost to get it. Belive me it felt so good after I purchased it.

As for the necklace , its from A&C gifted from a friend . Thanks Cristiane!

Fair Days

Villa silk dress, H&M plaited belt,Zara flat wine red shoes, Friss & company toted bag

After been gone to Spain for one week, jeans or tigth were the last thing on my mind. So I decided to go today with these short nicelly felt silky dress and call it a Fair Day.

It felt so good to feel the the warm breez kiss my leggs in Oslo after such a long time of winter and cold.

Out And About

My day all started with a big buffel brakefast which was so yumy, and after that Emilia spendt endless hours swimming.

It wasnt ontil 4 pm when i decided i was going for a walk . While out taking a walk, I came acroos this nail saloon that I couldnt resist, although its being agaes since i fixed acrelic nails and I was dying to give it a try again.

But was it good? yes it was! Did I like them ? No!. I know by now you migth be wondering wtf is she saying, buy wait a sec.

The reason i dont like them any more is because I cant really do so much with my finger tips, Its been such a long time ago since I had acrelic nails. I quess am stocked with this for the next one mont :-(.

Reis And Shine

It feels so good to be away from Norway and its cold climate. The sun and good food in Spain almost made me forget to think that I have a blogg to update, and Im really sorry for that folks.

Here are som few picture from my trip, and hopefully to give more recent updates as well.

Hope you like!

All Emilia does is eat ice cream, hehe

Feels good to feel the warm sand again