Archive | April 25, 2011

April’s favourite

The quest for a perfect skin has being what I’ve being looking for as long as I can remenber. I tend to brake out alot , and I swear trying every thing out there, but to no success.

Only a couple of weeks ago did I started using Estee Lauder Soft Clean face wash, tone, and Hydrationist moisturiser cream, I notice how silky, flowless and even toned my skin has become, wouldn’t  go as far as saying I ‘ve the best skin rigth now, but its the best I’ve ever seen my skin. My face feels soft, clean and 8o% less brake out.

I also notice that the tone and soap doesn’t dry me out like the other brands that I’ve privously tried, and the good thing is that they all smell beautiful, and calming.

And as for the perfume Calvin klein Beauty, its just the perfect spring scent , fresh, sweet and mild. And the nail polish, I quess you already know that I’m so into pink nails rigth now 🙂

Found my holy grail and I’m so sticking to it.