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Make The Best Of It

When you think all about spring, the things that come to your mind are sunshine mixed with rain, perfect picnic days, trips back to the park, and of course the Easter Bunny. When thinking all about spring it is not hard to imagine butterflies and ladybugs, longer days and shorter nights, and the fact that school is almost out for the summer. Spring is my favourite season, you see how the mood of people change into a smiling faces after a long, dark, sad winter season.

We do have a lots of good times ahead of us this spring and I hope you all make the best out of it.

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Out In The Park

Funny how this town could go from being so busy to a as calm as it was yestarday, I quess its all because of the  easter holiday.  Durring this time , alot of people tend to travel out to have a good time, but being that we just arrived in town there isn’t any more travling for us .

Anyways , we decided to make our thursday very usefull at Frogner park, and it was fun!

Emi after brakefast