Archive | April 13, 2011

Victoria Beckham

It must be so exhausting to appear perfekt at all times. Somehow this woman pulls it off.  Mother, Wife , model, singer, Philanthropist, I could go on and on. She is beautiful and has a timeless, classic style. I don’t believe that anyone really is perfekt but I do believe if anyone has nailed the appearance of being so, Victoria Beckham is.

Victoria Beckham always look amazing , sophisticated, stylish and divalicious, even when she is  pregnant or not . Be it  dressing down or dressing up, she is always classy and stylish in every way. She is said to be the most photographed celebrity and a fashion icon . I really see why it’s so, becouse she  remains classy and elegant even when she isn’t tryingh to be.

What do you all think about her?