Archive | April 12, 2011

New Inn

I’ve gotten my eyes on this Malene Birger dress for quite a while now, and due to the prize I’ve been a little layed back ,but today I just went out of my will not caring how much it cost to get it. Belive me it felt so good after I purchased it.

As for the necklace , its from A&C gifted from a friend . Thanks Cristiane!

Fair Days

Villa silk dress, H&M plaited belt,Zara flat wine red shoes, Friss & company toted bag

After been gone to Spain for one week, jeans or tigth were the last thing on my mind. So I decided to go today with these short nicelly felt silky dress and call it a Fair Day.

It felt so good to feel the the warm breez kiss my leggs in Oslo after such a long time of winter and cold.