Archive | April 6, 2011

Out And About

My day all started with a big buffel brakefast which was so yumy, and after that Emilia spendt endless hours swimming.

It wasnt ontil 4 pm when i decided i was going for a walk . While out taking a walk, I came acroos this nail saloon that I couldnt resist, although its being agaes since i fixed acrelic nails and I was dying to give it a try again.

But was it good? yes it was! Did I like them ? No!. I know by now you migth be wondering wtf is she saying, buy wait a sec.

The reason i dont like them any more is because I cant really do so much with my finger tips, Its been such a long time ago since I had acrelic nails. I quess am stocked with this for the next one mont :-(.