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The Flare

Zara flare jeans, forever21 shoes, Cubus white shirt, Bikbok hat, Inwear belt, h&m bag and armband. And my gifted A&C necklace from Christiane.

I had been meaning to use this flare jeans pants for a while now, but the weather has being really lousy , but today was quite warm.

My daughter called me Woody ( the guy from Toy Story) so funny, I guess it’s because of the hat and the wide leg pant.

Outfit of the day

H&m high waisted shorts, Bikbok open back top,  Friss & Co bag , Zara shoe and blazer

Linda and I was at Olivia at bogstadveien for lunch today, and it was so much fun, good food, lovely atmosphere and wine( after all its Friday )

Absolutely beautiful and delightful eating under the sun. mm mm I’m so grateful for the warmth in Oslo.


In The Changing Room

Bikini and hat from Bikbok

It’s always difficult finding me that special bikini that sooth my body frame,  and when I saw this one I knew for sure that I was hocked , Not only did I like it because it’s lightly padded, but it has a removable halter strap, it has fringe at the front and as well as on the back of the pant’s . I love the camel colour, sooth my complexion perfectly, and I bet it will sooth anybody.

All ready for the beach!

Crochet Inspiration

Its spring here, and before you know it the music festival will be the talk of the town. What other better way to celebrate summer festiv season other than a crohet outfit ?

April’s favourite

The quest for a perfect skin has being what I’ve being looking for as long as I can remenber. I tend to brake out alot , and I swear trying every thing out there, but to no success.

Only a couple of weeks ago did I started using Estee Lauder Soft Clean face wash, tone, and Hydrationist moisturiser cream, I notice how silky, flowless and even toned my skin has become, wouldn’t  go as far as saying I ‘ve the best skin rigth now, but its the best I’ve ever seen my skin. My face feels soft, clean and 8o% less brake out.

I also notice that the tone and soap doesn’t dry me out like the other brands that I’ve privously tried, and the good thing is that they all smell beautiful, and calming.

And as for the perfume Calvin klein Beauty, its just the perfect spring scent , fresh, sweet and mild. And the nail polish, I quess you already know that I’m so into pink nails rigth now 🙂

Found my holy grail and I’m so sticking to it.


Old Stuff Made New

H&M blouse and satchel bag, Zara distressed short and belt,  Toms shoe and Cubus retro leopard sunglasses

Some times we girls tend to stress out when we haven’t gotten ourself some thing new in a while, oh yeah I’m one of those kind. Funy how we can turn that old and forgoten stuff into some thing new.

I was going through stuff when i found this old time, lilla lace blouse and leather satche. Glad i didn’t trashed them, cause they came out really handy today.

Easter Eve

Having a family friend over for dinner today, so looking forward to it.

The aroma from the 7hours, slow roasted lam in the oven smells great,   and am looking forward to a wonderful Easter Eve meal.

Have a wonderful Easter celebration every one.



Make The Best Of It

When you think all about spring, the things that come to your mind are sunshine mixed with rain, perfect picnic days, trips back to the park, and of course the Easter Bunny. When thinking all about spring it is not hard to imagine butterflies and ladybugs, longer days and shorter nights, and the fact that school is almost out for the summer. Spring is my favourite season, you see how the mood of people change into a smiling faces after a long, dark, sad winter season.

We do have a lots of good times ahead of us this spring and I hope you all make the best out of it.

H&M flowery dress and satchel bag, Bjorn Borg shoes, Cubus sunglasses, Accessories chunky necklace, Bikbok golden leave necklace and In wear leather jacket

Out In The Park

Funny how this town could go from being so busy to a as calm as it was yestarday, I quess its all because of the  easter holiday.  Durring this time , alot of people tend to travel out to have a good time, but being that we just arrived in town there isn’t any more travling for us .

Anyways , we decided to make our thursday very usefull at Frogner park, and it was fun!

Emi after brakefast