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Movie’s Nigth

My sunday has been a whole pack of  house work, like washing our apartment and doing some other stuff . After a hard day like this calls for movie outing with my family.

I’m always excited to go to the movies cos its a non stop candy eating for me, mnnnnnnn I love candies and pop corns

I decided to go for the rock look today. Black and grey are ment to be.

Gill Hoster’s bag,
gifted last year, cargo pant from Mango, shoes by Monki studded top from Zara and watch by Storm

So what’s your sunday like?  Wish you all a happy fun sunday.


The weather was kind of Sunny today , and i had the spirit for a window shopping, so i decided to give it a look see at Høyer .

It’s one of my favourite stores to visit, its like when you are in Høyer nothing bad could possible happen to you  (except for your wallet of course ), a shop full of brand like Mulberry, Mac by Mac Jacobs, Melene  Birger, Sand of sweden, etc is breath taking.

It was so much fun in there , so much things i fell in love with .

Sweater  & shoes from Forever21, distress denim shorts from Zara ,scarf from h&m .

Forever 21

I had a really good home welcoming after work yesterday with my delivery package waiting for me rigth at the door step.

It has only been less than two week ago since I ordered this items from Forever 21, and I’m very satisfied with the product and above all am very impress with the fast delevery service.

I cant wait to rock this stuff, but i guess i just have to wait due to the never ending winter season we have here in  Oslo, but hopefully durring the spring

( thats if it ever comes ) .

Happy Monday

Monday is usually the day of the week alot of people hate , and yes I was one those people except today.

After leaving behind a stressful week days to two amazing free days to spend with my family and friends, monday is the last thing on my mind.  Anyway I had such a good time this past weekend with my family at Fridays Aker Brygger to celebrate Norway’s victory on the Word Ski Championship here in Oslo. Althoug I still cant get it that I ate a whole Jack Daniel’s burger all by myself.

( don’t blame me , it was so good) .

But today, my friend Gwen and I decided to give ourself a good monday lunch treat at  Jordbærpikene at Storo mall. Mnnnnnnn yumy! How i wish all mondays could be as fun as today

Is the worst thing to fear monday morning? I hope you all had a great monday.



Zara Online Shopping

Zara recently launched their online shop TODAY, and am super excited about it.

You know one of those days where the weather is just so awful that you can`t go out shopping, and Zara online give you the perfect opportunity to shop online at the comfort of your home or work place. Not only because their collections are amazing, but they give a everyday girl that special sense of elegance and style,  yet affordable . Here are  few of my Zara favourites

Zara shoes 2011

Zara dress 2011

Zara bag 2011

What do you all think about my Zara selections ?


I had always wanted a wrist watch that was ligth weigthed and classy, and i came across this amazing looking DKNY ceramic at Bjørklund at storo shopping mal Oslo.

Belive me when i say it was love at first sigth.  Its just one of those things that catches your eyes and stays in your mind for a long time. Anyways  i finally made up my mind after several days of thinking it through if i should or shouldn`t get it.

Its has digital and normal time displayal , date, arm, countdown timer settings etc, its just what every girl need to make her wrist BLOOM!

Love at first sight
As for the shoes , they are from Zara