H&M Earing , Shopakira v-cut dress , Jeffrey Campbel wedge gladiator sandal, Ginatricot jeans, H&M wine red bikini top

These are my weekly favourite and am going really nut over them .But most concerned is the JC. I have heard alot of good stuff about this Jeffrey Campbel shoes , and I would love to give it a try. The shoes from JC has a perfect touch of edginess and style that is so irresistiblel and I would love to feel it too. And as for the dress from Shopakira, it has the same v-cut at the front as the back, with a side pocket. hmmmm

Fingers cross.

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  1. BabyDoll on the March 29, 2011 remarked #

    Niiicee Myrsella:D

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