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To A Legend

She was the greates of them all in her time , beauty, elegance, fashion icon and talented.

She was very well known for her very extravagant  headpieces , especially during her time with Richard Burton when the pair were the biggest stars on the planet. It’s so sad to know you are gone Liz, but we will live to remenber and always carry you in our hearth.

R.I.P  Elizabeth Taylor

27 februar 1932 – 23 march 2011


H&M top,, Mango skiny jeans, Friss & Company shoes, Zara purse, Ginatricot fringe armband, DKNY watch.

I totaly fell inlove with this top from the very moment i saw it.
This top gives the morden day metalic viking look  with a touch of style.
The only thing missing out in this outfit is a sword and a shield. Hehe