Archive | March 8, 2011

Happy Monday

Monday is usually the day of the week alot of people hate , and yes I was one those people except today.

After leaving behind a stressful week days to two amazing free days to spend with my family and friends, monday is the last thing on my mind.  Anyway I had such a good time this past weekend with my family at Fridays Aker Brygger to celebrate Norway’s victory on the Word Ski Championship here in Oslo. Althoug I still cant get it that I ate a whole Jack Daniel’s burger all by myself.

( don’t blame me , it was so good) .

But today, my friend Gwen and I decided to give ourself a good monday lunch treat at  Jordbærpikene at Storo mall. Mnnnnnnn yumy! How i wish all mondays could be as fun as today

Is the worst thing to fear monday morning? I hope you all had a great monday.