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Off To Tone’s

My friend Tone invited me over for dinner today, which is just some few blocks away from where I live. It was so much fun visiting her being that i haven’t had time to visit her for so long. She was such a good hostess I have to say, and I’m looking forward to visiting her again

Bikers Jackect: Zara
Ankle skiny zip jeans: Mango
Scarf :St Martins
Sneakers : Bjorn Borg

Wallet/Purse: Villa

My friend Tone invited me over for dinner today which is just some blocks away from where i live. It was so much fun visiting her, being that i haven’t had time to visit her for so long. She was such a good hostess I have to say, and I’m looking forward to visit her again.

All Black

There is my littel miss sun shine and her big curly hair.

After the work out for the day I and my family went out for a walk ,and for some drink as well.

It was quite warmer than i had anticipated , but it was fun.

I’m normally not a huge fan of black, but I was very satisfied with the black outfit for today.

Back On Track

I finally step up my game plan to head back to fitness life today after a big yumy brakefast. Although I wouln’t say I’ve been totally out of the game, but not being able to work out for the past two to three days is just so lame of me and it felt absolutely great to be back.

Hoping to give you all a update on my weekend, but til then ,

Stay fit people !

Week favourites

H&M Earing , Shopakira v-cut dress , Jeffrey Campbel wedge gladiator sandal, Ginatricot jeans, H&M wine red bikini top

These are my weekly favourite and am going really nut over them .But most concerned is the JC. I have heard alot of good stuff about this Jeffrey Campbel shoes , and I would love to give it a try. The shoes from JC has a perfect touch of edginess and style that is so irresistiblel and I would love to feel it too. And as for the dress from Shopakira, it has the same v-cut at the front as the back, with a side pocket. hmmmm

Fingers cross.

To A Legend

She was the greates of them all in her time , beauty, elegance, fashion icon and talented.

She was very well known for her very extravagant  headpieces , especially during her time with Richard Burton when the pair were the biggest stars on the planet. It’s so sad to know you are gone Liz, but we will live to remenber and always carry you in our hearth.

R.I.P  Elizabeth Taylor

27 februar 1932 – 23 march 2011


H&M top,, Mango skiny jeans, Friss & Company shoes, Zara purse, Ginatricot fringe armband, DKNY watch.

I totaly fell inlove with this top from the very moment i saw it.
This top gives the morden day metalic viking look  with a touch of style.
The only thing missing out in this outfit is a sword and a shield. Hehe

Spring Is Here

H&M cardigan, Zara skirt, topshop shoes, River Island bag, Accessories apple necklace and tigth by Gina tricot

I know, I know, I’m kinda obsessed  or addicted to my my fur bag these days.
Its just that it’s big enough to accommodate my daily bigs books and some othe stuff. And besides, it feels good when I cuddle the soft hairs on it.

Sun Shine

First will I like to apologise for not have blogged in a while, and this is only so becouse I have been sick lately, but promise to give you all the lates update on things very soon. But in the main while ,have you all noticed how warm it’s become in Oslo?

Woow, what can I say? its sun shine in Oslo and am so happy for that. It was so warm when i left this morning for school that i didn’t have to use a scalf or a sweater.

At school this morning

How i wish it could be sun shine year round here in Norway.

Heat Up

In my search for the perfect bikini I came across these lovely babies that are mind blowing. Honestly, these are a most have bikinies for the coming summer and i can’t wait to lay on the sandy beach , sipping a good chilled drink as i let my mind drift to the warmet of the sun with either one of these bikinies.

White swim wear from Hotmiamistyles.

Victoria Secret ( string ties bikini)

Loepard bikini top by Victoria Secret with special padding lifts , instantly adding up to two full cup sizes for maximum cleavage and fullness. mnnnn

The black ties bikini will have to be my favourite, its so beautiful and it has a woow statement to it which i find very chic.

and ofcourse the white and the leopad bikini are the perfect timeless trend when it comes to swim wears.

Hmmmmm how i love summer.

Global Beauty

Alot of you migth know her from the colourful Gucci 2011 run way and posters, but for those of you who do not know her , she is Joan Smalls . She is the first Black and Puerto Rican model to represent Estée Lauder and am so proud of her,  and I’m generally proud to see more women of colour on the run way today.

Making her high fashion debut just last year, Joan Smalls has been featured in Ricardo Tisci’s Givenchy Fall/Winter 2010 Couture Show in Paris and has walked runways in New York, Paris and Milan for designers including Marc Jacobs, Prada, Gucci, Jil Sander, Derek Lam, Givenchy and Louis Vuitton, and in American, French, German and Italian Vogue.

She has reised beyound our very own eyes and there are more to come of Joan Smalls . Isn’t she a true  global of beauty?