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Blake Lively

I really dont`t know where to start but all I can say its she is a star! I am a huge fan of Blake Lively and her style, simple  yet classy .

It obviously seems that what ever she wears turns out looking FAB on her , could it be her body or its just her peronality? But what ever the case may be she does know how to do her thing and keep em

Who does she remind you of in all our all time ladies favourite tv series? Apart from Serena van der Woodsen.

I know you all love her as much as i do


Looking Forward To Spring

It`s been winter here in Oslo since the month of october, and it has been so far a never ending story. It may only be the end of  febuary and my thoughts for spring are sky high. With each successive year my ever ageing body yearns more and more for spring and summer, and less and less for late autumn and winter.

Although it is still very cold here in Oslo,-2 degrees with loads of snow, which i find very promising than -15-20 degrees. Atleas the first few hints of the season to come are making themselves visible.

I hope as the spring comes we should all find our inspiration from the lovelly colourful flowers of the spring season. As a girl, woman i dare you to EXPLORE  this season with colours with no limits.



Flowers Bloom in DG Spring Summer Fashion Collection

Seasons Trends Am loving Rigth Now

Polka dots were very popular in the 60ths to the late 70ths.  Its 2011 and the are back and they are HOT!

Sandals Giuseppe Zanotti Design

Spring Flowers Accesories

flower choky necklace are to die for this season Accessories

Personal Life

Hello, Dolls.

My name is Angela, and i’m working student from Oslo. Welcome to my brand new blog.
This site will be an even more personal extension from my facebook  page as well as my twitter page. Follow to read updates from me on my love for; fashion, makeup, art, love & life.
I’m not placing limits on this page. You’ll see posts anywhere from trends I’m loving, things that inspire me, outfits of the day, pictures from my weekend, or random posts about what’s on my mind (which is a scary place…).
This is my first ever post on this site & I’m excited to start and hope you all like and enjoy it. Stay gorgeous .
xoxo, Angela